Indigo Rising Films is dedicated to creating content that inspires and empowers people to expand their perspective and take control of their lives.


Luke Segreto

Luke has been working professionally in the post-production industry since 2011.  He initially interned at Technicolor in New York City, and eventually became a Digital Media Technician at the newly merged Technicolor-Postworks.  After two years he decided to leave the company and make the move to Los Angeles where he pursued freelance work spanning a variety of production and post-production positions.  Deciding to focus more on post-production, he occupied the role of Jr. Editor/Asset Manager for travel brand Black Buddha.  After leaving his position there to pursue new opportunities, he founded Indigo Rising Films. He completed his first feature-length documentary, Stressed, which is available to watch now.




Veronica Yezo

Veronica (Luke’s wife) made the move to Los Angeles with Luke in 2014. Since then she has been shadowing him and helping with a variety of production/post-production projects. She took on her first major role as an Associate Producer for the recently released Stressed documentary. After leading many of the interviews and assisting for all of the shoots, she has found her passion for the process. She works alongside Luke handling pre-production for current and future projects. She is also heavily involved in the production and post-production processes, aiding creative direction for the company.